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Honeywell CIPer 50   Controlers


Never worry about running out of controller inputs/outputs for HVAC plant equipment.


The Honeywell CIPer™ Model 50 has you covered with expansion capabilities for up to 2,500 points.


Built on the Niagara N4 Framework® and fully BACnet compliant, the CIPer Model 50 gives you a fully scalable solution for meeting both current and future needs.

User-Friendly Operation

• Native Niagara N4

• Alarms, schedules, trends, histories, graphics/schematics, email, SMS

• Remote access, programming, remote service

• Energy Management functions, including metering (Modbus)

• Can be networked to a WEBs-N4 Supervisor

• IP connectivity

• Integrated or remote configurable HMI display; network independent

Reduced Operating Costs

• Multiple I/O for easy expansion

• Energy-saving functions include variable speed fan support, intelligent boiler sequencing, “night purge” to reduce cooling costs, and support of complex boiler, heat pump and solar panel applications

• 26 on-board I/O terminals

• Two-port IP switch

• Standard Niagara N4 drivers included*

          *(BACnet IP, BACnet MSTP, LON, Mbus, Modbus, SNMP)

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