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Spyder 5               Controllers

Cut energy costs and drive new levels of functionality and efficiency with the Honeywell Spyder® 5 family of unitary controllers.


Scalable to meet the needs of any application, they deliver flexible, freely programmable, demand-led control.


The essence of  Spyder Model 5 controllers is speed and flexibility to achieve multiple configurations — even for complex applications requiring high I/O count.

 With scalable and freely programmable BACnet MS/TP-based unitary controllers, smart engineering & commissioning tools, and SYLKbus technology, multiple and flexible configurations can be achieved to address specific applications. The Spyder Model 5 controllers operate in combination with WEB8000 or CIPer Model 50 controllers to connect to internet.

Integrates With Other Building Systems like Lighting and Energy Monitoring.


• Part of the Niagara network


• Fast binary I/O points for lighting control applications

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