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Honeywell    Spyder   

 Classic                Controllers

Spyder® Classic continues to evolve and is now a more flexible controller. Built to work with the WEBs-AX system, Spyder gives you the versatility you need to control more of your building’s systems, and the flexibility to communicate with the protocols you’re using. So whether you choose the Spyder, Spyder Micro or Spyder with Relays, you’ll have the right controllers,  It’s the smart web to weave.

Spyder controllers are designed to meet the demand of today’s systems and whatever is coming tomorrow.


By offering a wide range of models and point counts, Spyder is ready to support comprehensive building control requirements including:


• Plant Room Control

• Fan Coil Unit Control

• Air Handling Unit Control

• Variable Air Volume Box (VAV) Control

• Packaged Unit Control

• Heat Pump Unit Control


Spyder controllers have been loaded with plenty of inputs and outputs and built-in DC power.

When an installation requires fewer inputs and outputs, you can choose the Spyder Micro. The compact size allows for mounting in tighter environments.

With improved programming flexibility, each model will continue to meet your needs as systems are upgraded.

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